Denial: Holocaust History on Trial por Deborah E. Lipstadt

Denial: Holocaust History on Trial por Deborah E. Lipstadt

Titulo del libro: Denial: Holocaust History on Trial

Autor: Deborah E. Lipstadt

Número de páginas: 400 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: January 12, 2017

ISBN: 0062659650

Editor: Ecco

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Deborah E. Lipstadt con Denial: Holocaust History on Trial

In her acclaimed 1993 book Denying the Holocaust, Deborah Lipstadt called David Irving, a prolific writer of books on World War II, "one of the most dangerous spokespersons for Holocaust denial." The following year, after Lipstadt's book was published in the United Kingdom, Irving led a libel suit against Lipstadt and her publisher. She prepared her defense with the help of a first-rate team of solicitors, historians, and experts, and a dramatic trial unfolded. Denial, previously published as History on Trial, is Lipstadt's riveting, blow- by-blow account of this singular legal battle, which resulted in a formal denunciation of a Holocaust denier that crippled the movement for years to come. Lipstadt's victory was proclaimed on the front page of major news- papers around the world, such as The Times (UK), which declared that "history has had its day in court and scored a crushing victory." Ideal for anyone who loved the Denial film. This paperback book has 363 pages and measures: 20 x 13.5 x 3cm approx.