Cloud Of Sparrows por Takashi Matsuoka

Cloud Of Sparrows por Takashi Matsuoka

Titulo del libro: Cloud Of Sparrows

Autor: Takashi Matsuoka

Fecha de lanzamiento: February 5, 2004

ISBN: 0099441586

Editor: Arrow

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Takashi Matsuoka con Cloud Of Sparrows

Warrior clans nursing ancient grudges. Western missionaries brandishing pistols. Beautiful geishas who are deadly ninjas.

1861 - after two centuries of isolation Japan has been forced to open its doors. Now new influences are tearing apart the old order. Japan is as unprepared for outsiders as missionaries are for samurai assassins, executions and honour killings. Genji's life is at risk. He plans his escape to the Cloud of Sparrows but the road is long and there are many places along the way for brutal samurai to attack -The demons of the past, the treachery of the present, an uncertain future are about to collide in the most terrifying ways.