Groovy in Action por Dierk König

Groovy in Action por Dierk König

Titulo del libro: Groovy in Action

Autor: Dierk König

Número de páginas: 912 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: June 27, 2015

ISBN: 1935182447

Editor: Manning Publications

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Dierk König con Groovy in Action

DESCRIPTION Since its introduction a few years back, Groovy has grown from an upstart dynamic language for the JVM to become an integral part of any Java developer's toolbox. Projects like Grails and Griffon have extended Groovy's reach into the web and desktop app world. Groovy in Action, Second Edition is a thoroughly-revised, comprehensive guide to Groovy programming, introducing Groovy by example and presenting lots of reusable code. It introduces Java developers to the dynamic features that Groovy provides, and shows them how to apply Groovy to a range of tasks including building new apps, integration with existing code, and DSL development. RETAIL SELLING POINTS Written by core members of the Groovy language team Presents Groovy from the inside out Full of useful examples, tips, and tricks AUDIENCE Java developers new to Groovy will find a smooth transition into the dynamic programming world. Groovy experts will gain a solid reference that challenges them to explore Groovy deeply and creatively. ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGY Inspired by languages like Python, Ruby, and Smalltalk, Groovy is a dynamic language that brings the power of advanced language features such as closures, dynamic methods, and the Meta Object Protocol (MCP) to the Java Platform.